Holmby Design was born within countless wonderful conversations. Those talks more often than not leading towards friends and colleagues asking Mo's opinion on: what color, what fabric, what layout, what idea she'd suggest.

After several transformative remodels and constant decorating of friends’ homes, Mo has turned a passion for interiors, design and space-planning into something much more; Holmby Design.

Based in the 72° sunniness of Los Angeles, Holmby Design responds to residential projects large and small. Whether it be a head-to-toe new construction or the update of a single bedroom, each challenge is welcome. Using an unequal mixture of listening, intuition, design savvy, research and practicality each space and place is considered. 

Offering full-service design or convenient E-Design solutions. Mo and her team of collaborators work nimbly to compliment your needs and craft a beautiful living space.


Mo Leibow, Founder / Principal

Justin Leibow, Creative